HWALU Growth: Quality + Service

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd, a privately-owned enterprises established in 2001, is located in Huiguo Town which is the famous Aluminum Capital in Henan Province, China.



Henan Huawei Aluminum Co.,ltd is a leading manufacturer of aluminum sheets metal roll.We sell aluminum sheets roll to more than 60 countries worldwide. Aluminum sheets can be shaped into aluminum roll,the largest aluminum roll is about 12 metric ton.After forging into a roll,aluminum roll can be cut into aluminium circle and aluminum strip,etc.About size,it can be 4x8,the common size or other unusual size.About size,we cut by our customer’s need.We can give you suggestion when you tell us your application. If you want aluminum sheet metal lowes price or low quality ,we also can offer you that.HWALU can offer you best solution for your need.



Aluminum plate are widely used in industrial, construction, decoration, capacitor, packing material. And the appddcation for PS/CTP/ACP plate base, aluminum and plastic composite board/pipe/bottle/tank cap, aluminum sheet for curtain board/ceiddng board/roofing, the aluminum sheet for refrigera


After-Sales Service

The original intention of after-sales service: so long as you are satisfied.
1.For some customers in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, we provide free website design to help customers make official websites. We hope that our customers can contact our customers through the official website when searching for products on Google.
2.We can help customers design market development strategies and pass on our mature market development model to our customers.
3.The customer's dealer reward plan, we support customers to reward the top 3 outstanding dealers in sales to travel to China, and we do a good job of service and local support.


About Us

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. is the leader of many aluminum manufactures and suppliers in China. We strictly control the quality and focus on customers. We hope to have in-depth cooperation with you and provide you with high quality aluminum material products custom OEM services. If you want to buy aluminum sheet plate, and get the newest and best prices by per kg or per ton standard weight, please contact us.

Production Management Process


After receiving your order, our production dispatcher will arrange the order, the workshop production will receive the production plan, and the production will be carried out. The quality inspector will check the quality in the intermediate link and give feedback to the quality control department.
Unqualified semi-finished products will not flow to the next link and stop loss in time.

QC Operation Process


We use smelting, semi-finished products and finished products for comprehensive quality control.
The special requirements of customers are decomposed into every link for control. Some customers need special alloys, high emphasis, high elongation, high surface hardness, surface brightness, fineness, version, cleanliness, We will decompose and control many special requirements in every link. To ensure that the finished product and the order requirements are consistent.
The quality inspection department has the right to veto the product quality throughout the company, and the quality inspection department directly reports to the deputy general manager.
If there are non-conforming products in your product, the manager of the QC department and the personnel involved in the inspection will have corresponding performance penalties.

Packaging Process


The packaging of aluminum products is inseparable from wood, but also has a moisture-proof effect. Therefore, our aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum wafers, aluminum foils and other products are packaged with more than three layers, for example, PVC+pearl cotton+waterproof kraft paper +PVC. Both wooden pallets and wooden boxes are treated in a harmless manner.
We fully consider the difference in temperature in different regions, land transportation, sea transportation and other transportation conditions.
All aluminum products, before packaging, we have to stand still and air-cooled, and wait for the temperature of the aluminum products to drop before packaging.

Warehouse And Transportation Loading Process


After the product is packaged, it will be warehousing and transported from the packaging area to the finished product warehouse for sorting and placement. The finished product warehouse is a dry warehouse that is well ventilated, rain-proof and moisture-proof.
The stacking of aluminum plates is not allowed to exceed 6 layers, aluminum foil is not allowed to exceed 5 layers, and aluminum wafers are not allowed to exceed 2 layers. Each finished product has its own storage QR code, which is convenient to find him when it is shipped.
In order to ensure the accuracy of the incoming and outgoing quantities, the packaging of aluminum products entering the finished product warehouse is not allowed to be opened.
In the process of loading, whether it is a forklift or a crane, the loading is carried out one piece at a time to avoid damage to the pallet or wooden box during the loading process.
Trucks for inland transportation must be covered with a tarp before leaving the factory to prevent sudden rain from affecting the product packaging and quality during inland transportation.
After arriving at the port, they are directly unloaded from the truck and into the container. Special personnel will take pictures during the process of loading the container. After the container is loaded, it will be reinforced. After the reinforcement, the photo will be taken and the container will be sealed.