5454 Alloy Metal Aluminum Sheet Plate

5454 aluminum sheet belongs to 5000 series aluminum sheet. 5454 aluminum alloy is a typical rust-proof aluminum, and its strength is higher than 5052 aluminum sheet by about 20%. The quality of the product far exceeds the national standards, and the original factory warranty is provided. 5454 aluminum sheet is widely used in the field of automobile and aluminum tanker barrel, etc., and has a good reputation.

5454 Aluminum Sheet Applications

1.5454 Aluminum Sheet for Tank Car Body.
2.A tank car is a tank-shaped transport vehicle, used to transport a variety of liquids, liquefied gases, and powdered goods. Therefore, according to the 5454 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance to chemical, industrial atmosphere, and other media, the 5454-h111 aluminum sheet is very suitable for the manufacture of the tank car body. The commonly used thickness of 5, 6, 7, 8mm, width is less than 2.2 meters, the length is generally within 12.5 meters.
3.Other Usages.
4.Besides, the 5454 aluminum sheet is also widely used in Marine facilities pipelines, pressure vessels, oil tanks, welded structures, automotive wheels, and so on.


Typical material properties for 5454 aluminium alloy include

Density Young's modulus Electrical conductivity Ultimate tensile strength Thermal Conductivity Thermal Expansion
52.69 g/cm3, or 168 lb/ft3 70 GPa, or 10 Msi 34% IACS 240 to 300 MPa, or 35 to 44 ksi 130 W/m-K 22.3 μm/m-K

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