6063 Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum 6063 sheet is an aluminum alloy with magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. 6063 aluminum sheet usually has good mechanical properties and can be heat treated and welded.

Applications Of 6063 Aluminum Sheet Plate

6063 Aluminum sheet is widely used in for its good plasticity
6063 aluminum alloy is widely used in the construction of aluminum doors, windows, curtain walls, irrigation pipes, commercial vehicle floor, roof structure, PCB, vehicles, benches, duct desgne, CNC machining, furniture, sublimation blanks, heat sink, square cooling plate, lifts, freezer, shelves, printing, decorative hanging wall, roofing sheets, electronic componentsIt is a common aluminum alloy model. In order to ensure that doors, windows and curtain walls have high wind pressure resistance, assembly performance, corrosion resistance and decorative performance, the comprehensive performance requirements of aluminum alloy profiles are far higher than industrial profile standards.
6063 aluminum sheet is an aluminum alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It is typically produced with very smooth surface fit for anodizing. It has generally good mechanical properties and is heat treatable and weldable. It is similar to the British aluminum alloy HE9.

6063 Alloy Metal Aluminum Sheet Plate For Ship Building

Ship vessel is a necessary object on the ship, its structure in order to prevent overturning strength and stability to achieve certain requirements, ship vessel structure requirements include the use of material mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and production process.
6063 aluminum plate hardness is high, hard resistance is strong, will not easily appear fracture phenomenon, can ensure that the liquid in the vessel safe and sound. 6063 aluminum alloy belongs to the aluminum-magnesium-silicon system alloy, is a medium strength can be heat treatment strengthening alloy, mechanical properties are more stable, tensile strength is good, can resist external pressure, so that the vessel itself deformation degree to the minimum. So it can be used as marine grade aluminum sheet.
6063 aluminum hardness and 6063 aluminum alloy tensile strength can be said to determine the ship vessel pressure strength of important factors, 6063 aluminum can be processed into a variety of profiles, heat treatment and strengthening can be obtained after good mechanical properties, physical properties and corrosion resistance properties, used for offshore ship vessel structure material is more suitable.



Temper Tensile Hardness Ultimate Yield Elongation Brinell
T5, T52 27 186 21 145 12 60
T6 35 241 31 214 12 73

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